Interpretation Centre – Sagres

Location Sagres, Algarve
Promotor Regional Cultural Directorate for the Algarve
Status The proposal was classified in 2nd. position
Year 2011-2012

Scope A public competition for conceiving the contents of the Sagres Promontory Permanent Exhibition Centre


The Fort of Sagres was built in the 15th. Century and its story is intrinsically connected with the Portuguese Discoveries and the character of Prince Henry the Navigator. It acquired greater importance in the following century when it became the maritime base for Portugal’s naval expansion, after which it entered into relative decline and in 1587 was pillaged by buccaneers under the command of Francis Drake. In recognition of the extraordinary importance and achievements associated with the Fort, an international public competition was launched in 2011 for the concept and design of the contents of a new exhibition centre in the Fort of Sagres.


We brought together a group of specialists, including Haley Sharpe Design (UK) that contributed to our proposal for an innovative Interpretation Centre based on interactive experiences for understanding the history of Sagres. It allowed for the discovery through new technologies of the different myths that surround this very special place, considered by many at the time to be the end of the World, and what was historically the point of departure and arrival for numerous journeys of adventure and exploration.