Lisboa Story Centre

Location Lisbon
Promotor Lisbon Tourism Association
Status Delivered
Year 2011-2012

Scope Turn-key: concept, master-planning, design, commissioning and delivery


The idea of creating an interpretation centre for Lisbon’s historical district known as the “Baixa” became the genesis for the concept of the Lisboa Story Centre: a Visitor Attraction conceived as the starting point for the visitor’s discovery of Lisbon’s heritage.

The Lisboa Story Centre was conceived as a “Heritage Gateway” – an experience which opened in 2012 in one of Lisbon’s most emblematic areas Terreiro do Paço as an anchor attraction in the city’s considerable tourism and culture offer. Respecting historical accuracy, yet in an entertaining, educational and interactive form, it tells the story of the most iconic events in the history of this area of Lisbon, focusing on the period of the great earthquake and the Marquis of Pombal’s subsequent rebuilding of the city.


Placemakers was responsible for the development of the project’s different stages ranging from the concept through to commissioning. These service included the market analysis with detailed work in the segments most relevant for profitability, the vision and concept development, the master-plan, the business plan including return on investment, the design and project development and technical accompaniment of the works.

Where interpretation is the principle and presentation the outcome, this unique product is able to transmit messages form the past as well as build bridges to the present, creating the desire to contextualise the two periods in a journey of discovery for the modern tourist of the city of Lisbon.

The history of the Baixa is incredibly rich and the Story Centre concept that has been developed with enormous quality and professionalism will contextualise the modern city with its past. The historical understanding will allow each visitor to take away a rich and personal experience before starting on his discovery of what the City of Lisbon has to offer.

Vítor Costa

General Manager, Lisbon Tourism Association